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We are seeing patients in person and via Teletherapy! 

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A Corner Post is the anchor of a fence.  

We would like to be the Corner Post in your journey of recovery, healing, movement, direction,  and thriving in your life.  A strong Corner Post is crucial to a strong fence.  The relationship with your counselor will nurture the strength and stability in you.  

We hope to help you:​

  • Find courage

  • Shed shame

  • Become curious

  • Find and grow in your strength


A Corner Post is deeply rooted in the ground.  This connection creates a fence with structural integrity, perseverance and resilience. 

We help with becoming present in the here and now, creating a foundation and connecting with the "ground".   This helps to reduce symptoms related to: Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Insecurity, and suicidality.

When you experience grounding, you may feel: 

  • Centered

  • Solid

  • Strong

  • Balanced

  • Less tense

  • Less stressed


The Corner Post of a fence is an integral part of the entire fencing structure.  With a well built Corner Post, the fencing is able to sustain extreme tension,  manage boundaries, offer guide posts and mile posts.

When you experience faith, you may learn to:​

  • Trust

  • Explore 

  • Become curious

  • Experience confidence

We have faith in you on your journey and are grateful you allow us to be a part of your journey!

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