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Blue Cross Blue Shield

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United Health Care



VA Community Care Network



Employee Assistance Programs

The Village EAP


Live Well Solutions

Health Advocate

Participation may vary by Counselor.

Please ask if you do not see your insurance above.

Traditional Office Setting - 

In Person

Initial session includes your history, what is happening for you presently and your future plans. 

$220 Initial session (60 - 90 minutes)*

Follow up sessions include treatment planning with you and your clinician to reach your goals, develop and enhance coping skills, communication skills, stress management skills, and healing along your journey toward wellness.

$160 per 60 minutes session*
$120 per 45 minute session*

*Ask about self-pay discount.
Teletherapy -
Online through Patient Portal

Effectiveness—Teletherapy works: studies show that teletherapy is as effective as in person therapy​

Simple to use—Our application does not require any special computer skills, downloads or add-ons. You just login to the session through your account.  

No commute—Because you don’t have to travel to an office, you save time and money.

Continuity of care—If you  move, return to college, travel for your job, teletherapy solves this problem.

Convenience–Care can be accessed from anywhere: home, work, school.  

Privacy—It is HIPAA compliant, encrypted, and secure. 

$220 Initial session (60 - 90 minutes)*
$160 per 60 minutes session*
$120 per 45 minute session*
*Ask about self-pay discount.
Group Sessions - 
In Person


Group sessions are available.  Watch the Events page for upcoming information.

$45 per session

Working with an Intern

Corner Post Counseling, PLLC, is now an education site for students to learn in their clinical profession.


Sooner availability

Sessions are free

Short term


May not be suitable for crisis

Intern is leaving 

May not be a good fit

*Benefits and Risks are not all inclusive.

Working with an intern is beneficial for both participants to provide open communication, clarity and therapeutic goals.  The intern is supervised by a clinical supervisor to assist in the training of the clinician and help the patient achieve their therapeutic goals.  The intern learning process includes significant oversight. Interns present cases and receive feedback both in their practicum class, individual supervision, and group supervision.  This oversight helps the future clinician to become a better clinician and improves their ability to better serve you.

The availability of an intern is sooner than waiting for an experienced clinician.

Charges for an intern are none.  Yes, the fee you pay to receive services from an intern is $0.00.  This is due to the training experience the intern is receiving.  Your intern is learning during this process of your therapy treatment.  Your continued feedback to the intern is crucial for their development.

The time with the intern is short term as the intern will be terminating once their internship hours are completed.  If you’re on a waitlist for another therapist (or three), working with an intern could be a great opportunity to receive support while you’re waiting. After all, whenever you make the call to a therapist is when you are the most motivated to dive in.  Your intern will assist you with referrals to a new clinician.


Working with an intern can be very rewarding and challenging for both participants.  Therefore, working with an intern may not be for everyone.  If you are in crisis or concerned for the safety of yourself or others, working with an experienced clinician may be a better option.

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